nerk (nurk) v. To spontaneously borrow or appropriate.
nerker (nurk-er) n. 1. One who spontaneously borrows or appropriates. 2. Any small object that performs a specific function but does not have a formal name.




photos by pete weiss:

outdoors & nature
people & animals
musicians: promo shots & in the recording studio
musicians: live performance
things like record stores, travel, live music, a wedding or two, etc. on picasa
experimental / abstract
mushrooms & other things in vermont
ice storm in new england
benefit concert for stephen fredette
recording sessions at verdant studio on picasa
digital / film comparisons
pete's photos on

exhibits etc:

friday february 1, 2013, 5pm-9pm
burning bush gallery
450 harrison ave. #314, boston ma
color and b&w digital C-prints of musicians at work and at play
dual artist show with melissa winter weiss

the 2nd volume of photo mixtape
features a pw black and white photo
download the mixtape here

info on pete weiss:

email:  pete (at) weissy (dot) com
phone:  617-734-2562